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Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is one of the most notable attractions in Chonburi Province but is largely ignored by the traveling masses.

This remarkable structure, which is equivalent height of a twenty-story building, has been constructed in traditional Thai style entirely without the use of any nails.

Using Thai building methods from a bygone era, The Sanctuary of Truth is held together by wooden pegs and is ornately carved to show the relationships between human beings and the universe according to Eastern philosophies.

On arrival, you'll be introduced to a more leisurely method of transport, as you climb into the pony & trap for your journey down to The Sanctuary of Truth itself. The first glimpse from above is most memorable and whets the appetite for a closer view.

Inside the building it's remarkably cool and you'll be amazed by the myriad of intricate carvings which are visible everywhere. The timber used in the construction is suitably aged, having been taken from dismantled buildings throughout the country.

In addition to The Sanctuary of Truth itself, there is an excellent Thai Cultural Show which includes Thai dancing, Traditional fighting, Thai boxing and a Dolphin Show. Here you can even swim with the dolphins if you come prepared.

Attractions information

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens has become one of the most popular attractions in Chonburi Province with its 600 acres of rolling hills and valleys.

The land was originally an orchard filled with mangoes, oranges, coconuts, but has now been turned into a tropical garden of ornamental flowers and plant
Originally meant for botanical conservation, the garden was later turned into a tourist attraction, fully equipped with Thai style houses, cottages, villas, seminar halls, banquet halls, swimming pool, restaurants as well as other facilities constructed for tourist's convenience.

Nong Nooch garden is dedicated to education, preservation, research as well as the conservation of its vast palm collection and other tropical plants.

Since its debut as a tourist attraction, fascinating Thai Culture and traditional dances are presented daily in the theater within the garden compound. Besides the traditional shows, visitors will have an opportunity to see other performances such as religious ceremonies, martial arts, and The Elephant Show ?�� one of the most popular attractions here.

More than 670 native species and hybrids are kept here for breeding and research purposes, together with the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand.

Sanctuary of Truth & Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Tour (Code:LC1306)

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Laem Chabang Port is about 45 minutes from Pattaya. The Sanctuary of Truth, constructed in traditional Thai style, is an amazing sight. Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens has become one of the most popular attractions in Chonburi Province with its 600 acres of rolling hills and valleys.

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Tour Programme

08:00 - Pick up dockside Laem Chabang Port

We'll pick you up from your ship. Please get off as quickly as you can.

09:00 - Sanctuary of Truth

We'll stop at The Sanctuary of Truth on our way into the city of Pattaya. Read More >

11:30 - Arrive at Nong Nooch Tropical gardens

The grounds are huge so take your time. During the day there is a cultural show and sometime you can have lunch as well.Read More >

16:00 - Depart for Laem Chabang

You can relax in air conditioned comfort while the driver returns you to your ship at Laem Chabang

17:00 - Arrive back at your ship

You can expect to be back on board by 5:00pm