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Climate and Weather


Moderate rain




Moderate rain




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The climate throughout Thailand is tropical with long hours of sunshine and high humidity. Average low temperature is 20 Celsius and high temperature is 37 Celsius.

Bangkok is constantly warm and humid. Situated at 13.73 deg N 100.50 deg E, the climate is influenced by seasonal monsoons with temperatures normally in the mid-30s Celsius throughout the year and an average humidity between 73% and 83%.

There are 3 main seasons:

  • Hot Season from March to June
  • Rainy Season from July to October
  • Cool Season from November to February

Currency and Rates


The Thai Baht (THB) is the standard unit of currency in Thailand. There are 100 Satang to 1 Baht.

Banknotes are issued in denominations of 1000, 500 100, 50 and 20 Baht.

Coins are issued in denominations of 10, 5, 2, 1 Baht and 50, 25 Satang.

Money exchange booths are readily available at all the shopping malls and at banks. Exchange rates fluctuate daily (sometimes many times a day) which can affect how much cash you receive when you change your money. There is sometimes a fee applied to the transaction.

There are many major Thai banks including, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, UOB, Kasikorn Bank and Siam City Bank. They are open from Monday to Friday 08.30 -15.30

Several international banks also have offices in Thailand with Western Union Money Transfer readily available, mainly co-located with major banks in shopping malls. ATMs are in abundance and cash may be obtained on many international bank cards. (Please check with your bank before arrival in Thailand).

You should be aware that many shops in Thailand, while they may accept credit cards, will often charge you more for using one. The typical surcharges are 3% for Visa or MasterCard and 5% for American Express. The reason: The credit card companies charge the merchant for handling the transaction for them. Of course, the credit card companies hate it when the merchant does this – it’s specifically prohibited in the agreement the merchant signs with the credit card company. But from the merchant’s standpoint, he’s just being fair – if you want to use a credit card, you should pay the cost of it and not the merchant’s other customers. This practice is never encountered in hotels, restaurants or major department stores, but is quite common everywhere else.

Bangkok Day Tours does not charge any surcharge when you pay for tours using a credit card.


Good health care is available in Thailand and the quality of the major hospitals is of the highest international standards but can be expensive. Many hospitals require guarantee of payment before they will begin treatment, so it’s a good idea to take out adequate travel insurance before travelling.

General practitioners, dentists and opticians are readily available, and the doctors and staff in the larger hospitals generally speak good English.

Most hospitals offer a walk-in service, where you can see a GP during the daytime and they also have a 24-hour emergency room service. Emergency ambulance services differ from those found in most western countries. Hospital ambulances are mostly used to transfer patients.

There are many first class Dental centres in Bangkok. Dental procedures such as laser tooth whitening, dental veneers, tooth implants, orthognathic surgery, pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, ceramic crowns, dental CT scan and dental spas are all available at prices far below those of western countries. Appointments are not always required.

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Public transport

BTS Skytrain:

Provides a fairly cheap and rapid option for traveling within the city. Skytrain stations can mostly be found along Sukhumvit, Silom and Phaholyothin roads. The routes connect the business areas of Bangkok with the important shopping areas.

MRTA Subway (Metro):

The MRTA is another fast and comfortable transportation alternative which runs underground. The Silom and Sukhumvit stations are connected to the BTS.


These small, three-wheeled and open-air motorized taxis are so conducive for short trips in Bangkok. Fares are negotiated in advance as there are no standard fares. A Tuk-Tuk ride will afford you a memorable experience of Bangkok.


Bangkok is interlaced with plenty of bus routes going in all directions. Buses are extremely cheap and prices are based on the distance and air conditioning. You pay the bus conductor once you are on the bus. Entry can be from any door.


Taxis are relatively cheap, however Bangkok traffic is often at gridlock so allow a greater journey time. Taxis are metered and the price is calculated by the distance. There are additional fees for hiring in the airport and travelling on tollways.

Long-tail Boat:

River taxis or long-tail boats are similarly convenient. The Express Boat runs along the Chao Phraya River and covers 31 piers all the way up to Nonthaburi. Long-tail boats are used on the inner canals (khlongs) within the city.

Statutory Holidays

One of the basic tenets of Thai culture is the concept of sanook or fun. It permeates all aspects of Thai society, so it’s no surprise to find that Thailand has a generous number of statutory holidays, where life can be enjoyed to the full.

In all there are 13 Statutory Holidays in the year, with the celebration of the Thai New Year at Songkran lasting three days. Some stats are Buddhist holidays, others relate to the Royal Family and a few celebrate Thai festivals.

Useful Numbers

Most telephone operators in Thailand can speak English.

Police (General Emergency call)


Tourist Police




Ambulance and Rescue


Medical Emergency call


International Operator

100, 101

Telphone Direcotry Enquiry


Provincial Direcotry Enquiry


Tourism Authority of Thailand

02 250 5500

(120 automatic lines)

Suvarnabhumi Airport Call Center

02 132 1888

Flight Information

02 132 000

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