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Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is regarded as the bloodline of the Thai people. It has its origins in four rivers flowing from the northern region of the country, the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan which meet at Pak Nam Pho in Nakhon Sawan Province. The Chao Phraya River is 370 kilometers long.

Much of Thai history can be traced along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, because in the early days Thai people settled along the river banks and only with the advent of roads in recent times have they ventured further away.

Today the Chao Phraya River remains the most important waterway for the people of central Thailand.

It is a working river, with daily commuter boats plying up and down from Nonthaburi to Sathorn covering 31 piers along the way.

Tug boats towing three or four barges laden with sand are frequently seen as they make their way to the various construction sites down river.

In the evening, as dusk gives way to night, many dinner cruise boats take their place on the river, going up as far as the Rama VIII bridge and downstream to the Rama IX bridge.

The Chao Phraya River is vibrantly interesting in the daytime and romantically beautiful at night.

Attractions information

Koh Kret Mon Pottery

Koh Kret is an island in the Chao Phraya River, 20 km north of Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province, dating back to 1722 when a canal was dug as a shortcut to bypass a bend in the Chao Phraya river.

The island continues to serve as a refuge to the Mon tribes who settled here in the 6th Century.
Koh Kret is another world compared to Bangkok and much of it retains the air of a rustic village, with wooden shacks propped against palm trees and the occasional dilapidated temple slowly crumbling. Hence the main attraction is just walking around, browsing the merchandise in the many pottery shops.

The island is roughly square in shape, each side measuring about 2 km, and a path runs around the entire island. The walk at a pleasant pace takes an hour and a half or two hours.

The Mon people have retained their unique flavor of Buddhism and Wat Poramai Yikawat is the main temple on the island. Koh Kret is renowned as a center for Kwan Arman style of Mon pottery, which is just baked unglazed red clay carved with intricate patterns. This is regarded as the most beautiful of all unglazed pottery available in Thailand. There are about twenty pottery workshops on the island.

Thai and Mon snacks and desserts are plentiful, making your stroll that much more enjoyable.

Koh Kret Mon Pottery Tour (Code:1108)

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This tour is not designed for cruise ship passengers. Exclusive cruise ship tours are available from Klong Toey Port and Laem Chabang Port.

Koh Kret Island retains the air of a rustic village with wooden shacks propped against palm trees and the occasional dilapidated temple slowly crumbling. So the main attraction is just walking around, browsing the merchandise in the many pottery shops.

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Tour Programme

09:00 - Pick up from hotel.

We'll pick you up from your hotel. Please wait in the lobby.

10:00 - Ferry Crossing Chao Phraya River

Your driver will take you to the ferry where you'll need to cross the river.

10:15 - Long-tail Boat Ride to Koh Kret

Once across the river we'll take a long-tail boat ride up the Chao Phraya River the Koh Kret. The river is nice and clean here and much wider than in Bangkok.Read More >

11:00 - Koh Kret Walking Tour First Half

There is a footpath which runs around the island in a loose square so you can wander at you leisure, stopping along the way to observe the local Mon people at work crafting their distinctive pottery.Read More >

12:00 - Lunch in Thai Restaurant

Lunch will be served in a Thai restaurant famous for it 'kanom' or Thai sweets.

13:00 - Koh Kret Walking Tour Second Half

This will give you a chance to see the difference in Mon Temple design, as well as give a glimpse into Mon living conditions.

14:00 - Return to Hotel

Around 2:00pm we'll head back to your hotel in Bangkok.

15:00 - Arrive back at your hotel

You can expect to be back at your hotel around 3:00pm.