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Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park covers an area of over 2000 square kilometers in the four provinces of Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok, Saraburi, and Prachin Buri.

It was the first national park in Thailand and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name Dong Phaya Yen-Khao Yai Forest Complex.

Khao Yai National Park has several mountains of around 1000 metres including Khao Khieo. The entire area is criss-crossed by hiking trails, ranging in length from one and a half to eight kilometres. There are many waterfalls, the tallest and most spectacular of which is Haew Narok. Haew Suwat is famous for the jump scene in the movie The Beach.

Khao Yai's forests are teeming with wildlife and birds and is host to almost 2,500 plant species, 67 different kinds of mammals and over 300 species of birds.

The abundant wildlife includes many endangered mammals such as elephants, gibbons, tigers, leopards and Malaysian sun bears. Civets, squirrels, porcupines, and wild pigs add a bit of variety. Snakes and lizards usually make their presence known by a rustle in the undergrowth as you are walking.

Towering trees draped in mosses, climbers, tangled trunks of the strangling figs, drooping lianas & spiny rattan palms, delicate ferns, multicoloured lichens and an ever-changing array of fungi are all on view here.

Attractions information

Lunch in a Thai Restaurant

Thai food has a range of tastes to suit all pallets so please don't make the mistake of thinking that all Thai food is spicy. Some dishes are very spicy but there are many which are not spicy at all. Rather, they are a wonderful combination of sweet and sour.

Thai dishes are normally shared by all.
Thai Cuisine is well-known for being hot and spicy and for its balance of the five fundamental flavors in the overall meal - hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

Thai food has four regional cuisines corresponding to the four main regions of the country: Northern, Northeastern (or Isan), Central, and Southern, each cuisine featuring locally grown food.

Southern curries, for example, tend to contain coconut milk and fresh turmeric, while northeastern dishes often include lime juice. The cuisine of Isan is heavily influenced by Laos.

Many popular dishes eaten in Thailand were originally Chinese dishes which were introduced to Thailand mainly by Teochew people who make up the majority of the Thai Chinese. Such dishes include Jok, Kway teow Rad Na, Khao Kha Moo and Khao Mun Gai.

Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh rather than dried herbs and spices as well as fish sauce.

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This tour is not designed for cruise ship passengers. Exclusive cruise ship tours are available from Klong Toey Port and Laem Chabang Port.

Khao Yai is host to almost 2,500 plant species, 67 different kinds of mammals and over 300 species of birds. The abundant wildlife includes many endangered mammals such as elephants, gibbons, tigers, leopards and Malaysian sun bears.

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Tour Programme

07:00 - Pick up from hotel

We'll pick you up from your hotel. Please wait in the lobby.

09:30 - Khao Yai National Park Entrance

It's about two hours from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park and a further 60 minutes to the Visitors Centre. Read More >

10:30 - Khao Yai National Park Visitor Centre

You can have a look around the visitor centre and collect some useful information about the park.

11:00 - Kong Kaew Nature Trail

There are many walking trails in the park and this is the shortest one. It starts and finishes by crossing a swing bridge at both ends of the walk.

12:00 - Lunch in Thai Restaurant

You'll be able to choose from a selection of local Thai delicacies for lunch. Don't worry, not all Thai food is spicy.Read More >

13:30 - Haew Suwat Waterfall

Haew Suwat Waterfall. It was made famous as the place where the 'jump scene' was filmed in the movie The Beach.

15:30 - Exit Khao Yai National Park

We'll enter the park from the north and exit through the southern gate.

16:00 - Nong Cha Om Fruit Market

This is an excellent place to try the amazing variety of Thai fruits and buy some to take back to Bangkok with you.

18:00 - Arrive back at your hotel.

You could expect to be back at your hotel around 6:00pm