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Kaeng Krachan National Park

Kaeng Krachan National Park, in Petchaburi Province, is the largest national park in Thailand covering an area of 2,915 sq kms. It has a variety of natural charms, such as lakes, waterfalls, caves, cliffs .

Over 400 species of birds and 57 mammals have been found within the Park boundaries.

Kaeng Krachan nestles on the western brink of the country, four-hours drive from Bangkok. It is a wilderness unparalleled for its rich diversity of birds, large mammals and flora and is part of a continuous forest complex covering 30,000 sq km of land spanning the border with Myanmar. The park lies at the junction of biogeographic zones so biodiversity in the area is a mix of Indo-Burmese and Malaysian forms.

Larger mammals include elephant, gaur, sambar deer, banteng, serow, and bear, indo-chinese tiger, leopard, both common and Feas muntjac. Malayan tapir, white-handed gibbon, dusky and banded langurs, Asian wild dog, otter, and wild boar. Among the birds recorded in the park are six species of hornbills, red junglefowl, both Kalij pheasant and grey peacock-pheasant, woolly-necked stork, black eagle, and many species of songbirds, woodpeckers and other forest birds.

Important Information

In rainy season, the national park will be closed Ban Krang and Panoen Thung area from August to October every year for visitors safety and forest recovery.

Attractions information

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Kaeng Krachan is the largest national park in Thailand and has over 400 species of birds and 57 mammals including elephants, gaur, sambar deer, banteng, serow, bears, tigers, leopards, tapir and gibbons. A morning boat trip across the lake is great.

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Tour Programme

07:00 - Pick up from hotel

We'll pick you up from your hotel. Please wait in the lobby.

09:30 - Kaeng Krachan National Park Visitors Centre

It's about two and a half hours drive from Bangkok to Kaeng Krachan and the first stop will be at the visitors centre. We'll have a snack here before going on the boat.Read More >

10:30 - Boat Trip to Monk's Island

The man-made dam here caused local farmland to be flooded and created a new island which has become home to a small group of hermit monks. We'll stop here and you can walk around the island and visit the temple at the top of the hill.

13:30 - Lunch overlooking the Lake

Late lunch will be enjoyed at a Thai restaurant overlooking the lake.Read More >

14:30 - Nature Trail in the Park

We'll take the short nature trail and hopefully see some of the birds for which this park is famous.

16:00 - Depart for Bangkok

It's time to return to the city so you can relax while the driver takes you back to Bangkok.

18:00 - Arrive at you hotel.

You can expect to be back at your hotel about 6:00pm.

Important Information

To preserve the integrity of wildlife habitats, off-the-road vehicle access is prohibited. To preserve crocodile habitat, rafting is no longer permitted from K.U. Camp to Bong Luk. In the rainy season the national park will be closed in the Ban Krang and Panoen Thung areas from August to October every year for visitors safety and forest recovery.