Excellent – Great company – great day to remember

Tour: Tiger Exclusive program + Elephant Ride & Bathing

Date: 23.05.2023

By: Wes G


OUTSTANDING. I have run businesses for 30-years so know something about customer service. We were very excited about this tiger cubs and elephant tour since I have wanted to get close to them all my life. I had high expectations and to my surprise, Bangkok Day Tours exceeded them. NA, our guide, took photos and videos using both our phones and hand held us every step of the way, on each tour, getting some of the best pictures we could never had gotten ourselves. She was very friendly, attentive, energized, and made this a day to remember. This private full day tour made for a great experience and it was well worth the price – and I am price sensitive, but this one was worth every penny and we were both very happy about the whole day. I don’t write reviews often, but they made it a great lifetime memory, so I hope their business does very well and you try it. Coming from another country, it makes me uneasy scheduling tours, not knowing if I can rely on the provider, but these folks communicate and deliver! God Bless!

Date of experience: April 2023

Images of the clients