Klong Toey Cruises

If your ship docks at Klong Toey you'll be right in the centre of Bangkok city and we will help maximise your shore time. Day trips to Bangkok's Grand Palace and Two Day Tours of Bangkok and the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi or the Sacred City of Ayutthaya can be arranged for your group.

Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships that visit Klong Toey Port include:

Azamara CruisesAzamara Quest: 25-27.10.2019
Azamara Pursuit3-5.12.2020
Le Soleal (Ponand)Le Soleal (Ponand) : 7-080314
MS HanseaticMS Hanseatic : 260414
Oceania CruisesOceania Nautica: 9-100215 15-160415
Silver Sea CruisesM/V Silver Whisper: 14-15032014 16-170316, Silver Shadow: 11-120414 4-051215 27-281016 23-241216, Silver Spirit: 000015
Yachts of Seabourn (KT)M/V Seabourn Legend : 13-14032014, Seabourn Pride: 000013

Klong Toey Cruises » Selected Tours:

Azamara 2 Days: Night Bazaar|Floating Market|Grand Palace (Code:KT2102)

Sometimes Azamara docks in the early afternoon and leaves the following day around 4:00pm. This gives you time to see some of the main sites in the city of Bangkok before stopping off at the Suan Lum night bazaar. The next day you'll go to the Floating Market, the Grand Palace & then back on board. More...
Price for Two: 17,600 Thai Baht
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Pattaya Bangkok Two Days (Code:KT2105)

Pattaya is 2 hours from Klong Toey Port and home to the amazing Sanctuary of Truth. After shopping at Luk Dod you could relax with a Thai massage on Jomtien beach. Back in Bangkok, visit Wat Po with its Reclining Buddha, the Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaeo, boat to Wat Arun & then back to the ship. More...
Price for Two: 22,400 Thai Baht
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Floating Market Tigers Elephants Day Trip (Code:KT1207)

For those lucky enough to be in port over a three day period, the second day allows for an early start and a full day's activity. This tour includes the original floating market in Damnoen Saduak and the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. Riding & bathing elephants will round out the day nicely. More...
Price for Two: 13,500 Thai Baht
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Ancient City Muang Boran (Code:KT1204)

From Klong Toey to the Ancient City is about one hour, but once you arrive you have opportunity to see all of Thailand's most important monuments faithfully recreated in their correct geographical location. The park covers 200 acres but you can drive around and stop where you want. More...
Price for Two: 11,500 Thai Baht
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Azamara Quest Three Days (Code:KT3102)

During the 2009-2010 season, Azamara Quest is indulging passengers with a three-day stopover in Bangkok. This allows time for day trips to the World Heritage site of Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi, together with a morning tour of the main sights in Bangkok before the ship sails late in the afternoon. More...
Price for Two: 33,900 Thai Baht
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Extraordinary Elephant Day Trip (Code:1506)

A quick stop at the Floating Market & the Bridge on the River Kwai will whet your appetite for the main event. Elephants! Here you can ride an elephant through the jungle and even take control as the mahout. Later you can take it down to the river for its afternoon scrub down. More...
Price for Two: 10,200 Thai Baht
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Kanchanaburi Bangkok Two Days (Code:KT2104)

Bangkok - Kanchanaburi is 3 hours drive. We'll stop at the Bridge over River Kwai and then on to the Tiger Temple and finally back to Bangkok. Next morning go to Wat Pho with its Reclining Buddha, the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, riverside lunch, boat to Wat Arun and then back to the ship. More...
Price for Two: 22,400 Thai Baht
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Bangkok Sightseeing & Night Bazaar (Code:KT1200)

Sometimes cruise ships dock at Klong Toey mid-afternoon, so most places will be closed when you get there. However, you can take a sightseeing drive through the more interesting parts of Bangkok and then go to the Night Bazaar at Suan Lum where you'll find some of the best shopping in Bangkok city. More...
Price for Two: 9,150 Thai Baht
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Bangkok Temple & Canals (Code:KT1202)

From Klong Toey we'll go to Wat Pho with its Reclining Buddha. The Grand Palace is next door and within is Wat Phra Kaeo which is the Kingdom's most revered temple. After a Thai lunch we'll take a long-tail boat trip to Wat Arun and then return to port. More...
Price for Two: 11,400 Thai Baht
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Ayutthaya Day Tour (Code:KT1203)

This tour starts with a visit to Bang Pa In Palace and then to Ayutthaya which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See remarkable temple ruins and take a long-tail boat trip around the Island of Ayutthaya to visit places only accessible from the river. More...
Price for Two: 12,400 Thai Baht
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