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1001 Bangkok Historic Places Tour
1002 Bangkok Temples and Canals Tour
1003 Bangkok Royal Temples Tour
1004 Bangkok Palaces & Mansions Tour
1006 Bangkok Weekend Floating Market Tour
1008 Bangkok Seasight Restaurant Tour
1009 MBK & Asiatique The Riverfront Tour
1010 Klong Mahasawat Agro Tour
1012 Ayutthaya Palaces & Lunch Cruise Tour
1013 Safari World Tour
1100 Ayutthaya Temples & Palaces Tour
1101 Ayutthaya Temples and Canals Tour
1102 Ayutthaya and Aranyik Sword Village Tour
1103 Lop Buri Ayutthaya Day Tour
1104 Coral Island Koh Lan Tour
1105 Khao Yai National Park Tour
1106 Kaeng Krachan National Park Tour
1107 Irrawaddy Dolphins Tour
1108 Koh Kret Mon Pottery Tour
1110 Sanctuary of Truth & Jomtien Beach
1111 Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Tour
1112 White Tiger at Khao Keow Tour
1113 Cha Am Beach and Summer Palace Tour
1113* Train market & Floating Market Half Day Tour
1114 Floating Vineyards Tour
1115 Floating Market & Human Bakery
1117 Floating Market Tiger Cub Feeding
1118 Floating Market Tiger Elephants
1119 Floating Market and Bathe Elephant Tour
1120 Floating Market & Elephant Training Tour
1401 Floating Market & Jim Thompson's House
1403 Floating Market & Grand Palace Tours
1404 Floating Market & Elephant Ride & Sampran Riverside
1405 Floating Market & Elephant Ride Tour
1406 Floating Night Market & Fireflies at Ampawa
1407 Floating Market Elephant Ride & Fishing Village Tour
1408 Floating Market & Ayutthaya Temples Tour
1409 Maeklong Railway Market & Floating Market Tour
1410 Floating Market and Bridge Over the River Kwai
1500 Kanchanaburi Day Tour
1501 ANZAC Day Thailand One Day Tour
1502 River Kwai Bridge Hellfire Pass Tour
1503 Death Railway Wang Pho Viaduct Tour
1504 Hellfire Pass & The Tiger Exclusive program
1505 Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure Tour
1506 Extraordinary Elephant Day Trip
1506* Elephant Ride & Bathe Tour
1508 Tiger Cub @ Wildlife Sanctuary & Elephant Ride Day Trip
1509* Bathe elephant Tour and Tiger Cub Feeding
1510 Tiger Exclusive program + Ride Elephant
1511 Tiger Exclusive program + Elephant Ride & Bathing
1512 Elephants Training Tour and Tiger Cubs Feeding
1512/1 Elephants Training Tour
1513 Erawan waterfall & Tiger Cub @ Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure Tour
1513* Erawan Waterfall Day Tour
1514 Erawan waterfall plus Ride & Bathe Elephant Tour
1515 Tiger Exclusive program & Elephant Training Tour
1516 Elephant Care & Mahot Training Tour
2101 Cha Am-Kaeng Krachan National Park Two Day Tour
2102 Khao Yai National Park Two Day Tour
2110 ANZAC Day Thailand Two Day Tour
2111 Kanchanaburi Two Day Tour
2112 Ampawa Village Fireflies Two Day Tour
2113 Ampawa Floating Market Weekend Tour
2114 Elephant Bathing & Tiger Exclusive program Two Day Tour
2115 Elephant Bathing-SaiYok - Tiger Exclusive program Two Day Tour
2116 Hellfire Pass & Tiger Exclusive program Two Day Tour
3100 Kanchanaburi Three Day Tour Combo A
3101 Kanchanaburi Three Day Tour Combo B
3102 Amazing Surin's Elephant Round-Up Three Day Tour
3103 Candle Festival Ubon Ratchathani Three Day Tour
4101 Central Thailand Circle Four Day Tour
4102 Provincial Thailand Four Day Tour
5101 Wildlife Bonanza Five Day Tour
KT1200 Bangkok Sightseeing & Night Bazaar
KT1201 Bangkok Historic Places
KT1202 Bangkok Temple & Canals
KT1203 Ayutthaya Day Tour
KT1204 Ancient City Muang Boran
KT1205 Tiger Temple Day Trip
KT1206 Floating Market Tiger Temple Day Trip
KT1207 Floating Market Tigers Elephants Day Trip
KT1208 Tiger Temple Exclusive Breakfast with Monks
KT1208/1 Tiger Exclusive program + Elephant Training for Cruise
KT2000 Oceania Nautica Two Day Tour
KT2001 Silver Shadow Two Day Tour
KT2100 Azamara 2 Days: Kanchanaburi Bangkok
KT2101 Azamara 2 Days: Canals|Night Bazaar|Grand Palace
KT2102 Azamara 2 Days: Night Bazaar|Floating Market|Grand Palace
KT2103 Ayutthaya Bangkok Two Days
KT2104 Kanchanaburi Bangkok Two Days
KT2105 Pattaya Bangkok Two Days
KT2106 Bangkok City Two Days
KT2107 Pre:Post Cruise Two Day Tour Ayutthaya Bangkok
KT2108 Pre:Post Cruise Two Day Tour Kanchanaburi Bangkok
KT3100 Pre:Post Cruise Three-Day Kanchanaburi Ayutthaya Bangkok
KT3101 Azamara Three Day Tour
KT3102 Azamara Quest Three Days
LC1301 Ayutthaya Day Trip
LC1302 Bangkok's Historic Places
LC1303 Bangkok's Temples & Canals
LC1305 Chonburi Day Trip
LC1306 Sanctuary of Truth & Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Tour
LC2106 Kanchanaburi Two Days
LC2107 Kanchanaburi - Bangkok Two Days
LC2108 Bangkok Chonburi Two Days
LC2109 Ayutthaya - Bangkok Two Days
LC2111 Kanchanaburi - Floating Market Two Day Tour
LC2114 Bangkok Temples & Floating Market
LC2115 Pre:Post Cruise Tour Two Days Kanchanaburi Bangkok
LC3105 Pre Cruise Three-Day Kanchanaburi Ayutthaya Bangkok
LC3106 Post Cruise Three-Day Bangkok Kanchanaburi Ayutthaya
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