Attraction Information

Wat Bangkae Noi Teak Temple

There are many temples of sublime beauty & historical significance in the Ampawa district of Samut Songkram province, but one of the most interesting is Wat Bangkae Noi.

Inside, on the ceilings & walls, are intricate woodcarvings depicting Lord Buddha's history, birth, enlightenment, and nirvana
Historically interesting, Wat Bangkae Noi was built during the reign of King Rama I by the Governor of Samut Songkram, Phraya Wongsasurasak. He build it for his minor wife - 'Noi' meaning minor - after he built a temple for his principal wife which he named Wat Bangkae Yai - 'Yai' meaning principle.

Looking from the outside, you will think this place is nothing special. It looks the same as every other Buddhist temple that you've seen.

Once you enter Wat Bangkae Noi however, you'll be amazed at the breathtaking view, because the interior teakwood walls and ceiling of the main chapel have been intricately carved to depict the life and teachings of the Lord Buddha.

Even the floor of this temple is special, being made from one hopea tree which is the most expensive of its kind in Thailand.

In addition, the monks quarters are a collection of traditional Central Thai houses, which contain rectangular seats made from single planks of Golden Takian wood more than one metre wide.