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Floating Vineyards

Samut Sakorn District, which borders the coastline, boasts a long history in the production of table grapes.

The intriguingly titled "Floating Vineyards" are only found in this province, They are planted between the Tha Chin and Mae Klong Rivers.
Samut Sakorn District excels in the production of table grapes and in recent times, the planting of grapes has increased because of the development of the Thai wine industry.

When you look closely at these vineyards, you'll be surprised to see boats floating in the water underneath the vines! A closer inspection will show that the vines are actually planted on narrow strips of land between evenly spaced canals.

Malaga Blanc grapes are the predominant variety grown here for the production of white wine. The local variety of red grape is Pokdum which has a rich plum taste when eaten fresh.