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Aksa Road Thanon Utthayan

Utthayan Avenue is one of the most beautiful roads in Thailand and undoubtedly the most expensive.

The avenue connects Phuttha Monthon Sai 3 and Sai 4 and runs parallel to Borommaratchachonnani and Phet Kasem Highways as you head west out of Bangkok.
Utthayan Avenue was opened to the public in 1999.The avenue has fountains on its bridges and a waterfall with several cascades, as well as flower beds and shady trees.

Marking each intersection are tall posts each with a different design. Along both sides of the road are 979 lamp posts decorated with the Thai phoenix.

The water supply and electricity power lines run underground on both sides of the avenue, which is 90 m. wide and extends for 3.861 km.

There are three main traffic lanes on either side and two roads running parallel on each side. The avenue also has a 5.5-metre wide pedestrian walkway, and a 2-metre wide bicycle lane on both sides.

Along the centre of the avenue is a lotus pond.