ANZAC Day 2016
Kanchanaburi Thailand

ANZAC Day 2016 is on Monday 25th April. This means that most people will be able to take advantage of the weekend to enjoy a couple of days in Kanchanaburi.

You'll have time on Tuesday to visit Hellfire Pass, walk down into Konyu Cutting, take the train along the Death Railway and on Wednesday attend both the Dawn Parade and Wreath Laying ceremonies on ANZAC Day itself.

If you want to visit the Tiger Temple just add an extra day and you can be part of the exclusive 'Breakfast with the Monks' program which is limited to twelve people.

ANZAC Day is the only tour we do which is not a private tour. This tour is designed for individuals or small groups to join others who want to be in Kanchanaburi for the Dawn Parade and to attend other services related to ANZAC Day.

You can choose either Two Day Tour or Three Day Tour

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ANZAC 2016 Two Day Tour

Sunday 24th & Monday 25th April 2016

Highlights of this two-day tour include

        • Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
        • Bridge over the River Kwai
        • Train along Death Railway
        • River Kwai Resort Accommodation
        • Dinner of Floating Restaurant
        • Hellfire Pass Museum
        • Dawn Parade in Konyu Cutting
        • Wreath Laying Ceremony at War Cemetery

    Day One: Sunday 24th April 2016

    We'll pick you up from your hotel between 07:30 - 09:00 and drive through to the War Cemetery in Kanchanaburi. The local guide will join you here and will be with you throughout the day.

    From there we'll continue up to Thaklien, where you can have a close look at the construction of the 'Death Railway' before boarding the train for the spectacular rail journey over the Wang Pho Viaduct.

    After lunch in a local Thai restaurant we'll head up to Hellfire Pass where you can wander through the Museum and walk down into Konyu Cutting. Visiting here on the Saturday will enhance the experience of the Dawn parade the following day.

    Later afternoon we'll check in to the resort and you'll have time for a shower and change of clothes before heading down to the Floating Restaurant beside the Bridge over the River Kwai for dinner at 5:30. You can take a walk on the bridge and get some great photos.The first round over dinner is on us so don't be too long!

    No evening activity is planned as we have an early start in the morning.

    Day Two: Monday 25th April 2016

    We'll leave the resort at 03:15. If you're late you'll be walking as this is the one time we will not wait for the stragglers. It's about an hours drive from Kanchanaburi to Hellfire Pass and the road is very busy on ANZAC morning.

    Hellfire Pass Museum is situtated on Royal Thai Army land and the army organise the parking for ANZAC Day. No vehicles are allowed into the carpark area but must park on the grass near the road. Please remember where your van is parked because you'll need to find it after the Dawn parade is finished. The army provide shuttle buses from the parking area to the Hellfire Pass Museum and vice versa, so it's a good idea to wait for one of these as it's a fair walk in the dark.

    From the museum you'll be able to walk down into Konyu Cutting where the Dawn parade is held. You'll have to pass through a security screen and you cannot take any bags with you into the cutting. There is seating for children beside the memorial, so if you are a family an early start is recommended as we are expecting record numbers being a weekend.

    The Australian Army has recently completed a new walkway down into the cutting which has made things a lot easier. You can say a quiet word of thanks to them on the way down. However, you'll still need decent shoes because the rail bed is stony and the rocks are hard on your feet. Allow about 25 minutes for the walk down.

    The Dawn Parade Service commences at 05:30 and lasts 30 minutes. When everyone arrives back up at the carpark they will be greeted with a traditional gunfire breakfast of hot tea or coffee and ANZAC buscuits together with shot of Bundaberg Rum for those who would like to imbibe.

    Around 07:30 we'll journey back to the resort for a well-earned breakfast and you can relax until 10:15 when we'll head down to the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery for the wreath-laying ceremony, which runs from 11:00 - 12:00. This is the hottest month of the year in Thailand and Kanchanaburi is one of the hottest provinces, so please avail yourselves of the free water which is available at the rear of each of the tents. You need to drink a lot during this day.

    The Australian and New Zealand Embassies take turns in providing some hospitality following this service and it is the turn of the Aussies this year. The hospitality area is immediately behind the VIP tent, through the hedge and is well worth attending!

    Lunch will be served at one of the local restaurants and when everyone has had their fill and a suitable time for making new acquaintances or renewing old ones, we'll take you back to Bangkok. You could expect to be back in the late afternoon.


    ANZAC 2016 falls on a Thursday, so we are expecting record numbers. We have pre-booked rooms at a resort beside the River Kwai already. If you are a family there are both double & twin rooms and early bookings would ensure that the rooms are next to each other. Email us for a special family rate.

    Payment for ANZAC Tours must be made by 31st March 2016. Once you confirm your booking a link will be sent to you for online payment. Accommodation will be allocated according to the order of payments received, so if you want to be sure of a place on this tour, pay when you book.

    Inclusions: A/C VIP van; English-speaking guide; train ticket; lunch both days; dinner; breakfast & resort accommodation.

    Exclusions: Alcohol; tips for guide, driver and waitresses.


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ANZAC 2016 Three Day Tour

Highlights of this three-day tour include

    • Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
    • Bridge over the River Kwai
    • Train along Death Railway
    • River Kwai Resort Accommodation
    • Dinner of Floating Restaurant
    • Hellfire Pass Museum
    • Dawn Parade in Konyu Cutting
    • Wreath Laying Ceremony at War Cemetery
    • Breakfast with the Monks & Exclusive Tiger Experience
    • Elephant Ride and Bathe the Elephants

For those of you who would like to visit the Tiger Temple and ride an elephant while you're in Kanchanaburi, we recommend the morning program known as 'Breakfast with the Monks' followed by the elephant camp visit in the afternoon. 

Your intinerary for Wednesday and Thursday would be the same as the two day tour. Thursday's program would be like this:

Day Three: Tuesday 26th April 2016

Breakfast with the Monks Exclusive Morning Program

This is by far the best program which the Tiger Temple offers as it allows a full four hours of interaction with tigers of all ages in an exclusive group with a maximum of twelve people.

The morning starts with a bottle feeding session with the tiger cubs while the monks prepare themselves for breakfast. During breakfast the temple is surrounded with younger adult tigers which are all available for close-up interaction and piccies. When the monks have finsihed eating, it's your turn together with the staff and volunteers at the temple.

After breakfast it's time for play, so everyone moves to the waterfall area where the tigers enjoy a morning swim and frolick. You can get wet with them if you like, as the area is well supervised by Thai staff. this session ends by shampooing the tigers which they really love.

From there, you'll be able to take one of the adult tigers on a lead down to the canyon where they are released to play in the pool there. this time, you are in the cage and they are running free. Before the sun hits the canyon, you'll be able to enjoy a photo op with one of the biggest tigers, and this is especially good as there is no one else in the background.

About 11:30 you'll leave the Tiger Temple and have lunch in the restaurant which belongs to the Temple's vet.

Ride & Bathe Elephants

After lunch you'll go to the elephant camp where you can ride an elephant through the jungle and bathe the elephants in the river.

Now it's time to head back to Bangkok and you can expect to be back in your hotel around 6:30pm. Time to reflect on what will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable days of your time in Thailand.



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Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

River Kwai Bridge

Train on the Death Railway

Wang Pho Viaduct

Hellfire Pass Museum

ANZAC Day 2008

Hellfire Pass Walkway

Hellfire Pass Walkway

Hellfire Pass Walkway

Konyu Cutting

Konyu Cutting




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