Tours to Intriguing Colourful Waterways

The central region of Thailand is full of rivers and canals which Thai people use daily for commerce, transport and recreation. Many commute to work on the Chao Phraya river ferries while others live aboard barges used for transporting goods from other provinces. Fishing & swimming are popular too.

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Bangkok Temples and Canals Tour (Code:1002)

Thailand has thousands of temples, but Wat Phra Kaew at the Grand Palace is the most important because it houses the Emerald Buddha. Behind is Wat Pho, which is the oldest temple in Bangkok with its Reclining Buddha. Across the river you can climb the steep steps of Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn. More...
Price for Two: 10,400 Thai Baht
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Bangkok Sea Restaurant Tour (Code:1008)

The Bangkok Sea marks the edge of the city boundary and this restaurant is perched on bamboo stilts just inside the marker. It is ranked amongst the very best in Bangkok by culinary experts & getting there is part of the experience. First by car, then take a long-tail boat and finally a short walk. More...
Price for Two: 9,900 Thai Baht
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Attractions Include:

Bangkok Sea Restaurant

Koh Kret Mon Pottery Tour (Code:1108)

Koh Kret Island retains the air of a rustic village with wooden shacks propped against palm trees and the occasional dilapidated temple slowly crumbling. So the main attraction is just walking around, browsing the merchandise in the many pottery shops. More...
Price for Two: 9,600 Thai Baht
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Bangkok Weekend Floating Market Tour (Code:1006)

The Floating Market at Taling Chan only operates on the weekends so if you are in Bangkok on Saturday or Sunday this is a great place to visit. You can stop here as part of your boat trip through the Bangkok Noi canal system. There's a wonderful array of freshly cooked food to sate all appetites. More...
Price for Two: 9,000 Thai Baht
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Safari World Tour (Code:1013)

The Ultimate safari experience features hundreds of animals from all over the world. Highlights include Wildlife Feeding Show. You are welcome to take your cay or ride on one of Safari's luxury coaches into the park English-sparking guides are available on request. More...
Price for Two: 9,900 Thai Baht
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