Floating Market Thailand

Waterways have always been an integral part of Thai life with boats plying the rivers and canals, trading their wares. Fortunately, many local communities throughout the central region of Thailand continue this tradition of floating markets, some early in the morning and some later in the evening.

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Bangkok Weekend Floating Market Tour (Code:1006)

The Floating Market at Taling Chan only operates on the weekends so if you are in Bangkok on Saturday or Sunday this is a great place to visit. You can stop here as part of your boat trip through the Bangkok Noi canal system. There's a wonderful array of freshly cooked food to sate all appetites. More...
Price for Two: 9,000 Thai Baht
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Floating Market Pattaya & Jomtien Tour (Code:1402)

If you want to visit the Eastern Seaboard town of Pattaya then the Floating4Market is a good place to start. Here you can see something of Thai culture from all four regions of Thailand in one place. Jomtien is the prime beach resort where you can swim or simply lay back in your deck chair & relax. More...
Price for Two: 12,800 Thai Baht
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Elephant Bathing & Tiger Exclusive program Two Day Tour (Code:2114)

This is the ultimate hands-on experience! First you get quality time with the elephants, starting with a ride through the jungle & ending in the river where you can bathe them.Second you get a whole morning at the Wildlife Sanctuary which will certainly be one of the highlights of this memorable. More...
Price for Two: 34,900 Thai Baht
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Floating Night Market & Fireflies at Ampawa (Code:1406)

The night-time boat trip on the Mae Klong River provides the opportunity to enter the enchanting world of the fireflies as they swarm in the Lampu trees along the river bank. It's an unbelievable sight as entire trees are aglow with flashing yellow lights. Thailand has over 100 species of firefly. More...
Price for Two: 10,500 Thai Baht
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Floating Market & Jim Thompson's House (Code:1401)

This is the original floating market and probably the most photographed spot in Thailand. Your boat will take you through the maze of canals including the main market area. Back in Bangkok, Jim Thompson's house is the finest example of Thai architecture in the Kingdom. More...
Price for Two: 9,800 Thai Baht
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Extraordinary Elephant Day Trip (Code:1506)

A quick stop at the Floating Market & the Bridge on the River Kwai will whet your appetite for the main event. Elephants! Here you can ride an elephant through the jungle and even take control as the mahout. Later you can take it down to the crystal clear river for its evening scrub down. More...
Price for Two: 10,200 Thai Baht
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Ampawa Village Fireflies Two Day Tour (Code:2112)

Ampawa village nestles along the Mae Klong river and every evening myriads of fireflies hover around the lampu trees looking for a mate. Only here do they flash their lights in unison lighting up the trees like Christmas. You can see all this on the boat from your home stay. More...
Price for Two: 23,000 Thai Baht
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Floating Market Tiger Elephants (Code:1118)

This tour includes the Floating Market at Damnoen Saduak, the bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi plus Feed the Tiger Cub @ Wildlife Sanctuary Safari, ending at the Elephant Camp for a memorable ride through the jungle. More...
Price for Two: 12,200 Thai Baht
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Floating Market Elephant Ride & Fishing Village Tour (Code:1407)

This tour included Floating Market, Elephant Ride and Fishing Village which are not in the cities. You will find lots of fun activities, taste fresh seafood, watch the snails, Cockle, Mussel and Oyster Farms, Boat TF Lane, Tibkradan lane, the mangrove tree, feeding the macaque monkeys More...
Price for Two: 12,000 Thai Baht
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Ampawa Floating Market Weekend Tour (Code:2113)

Ampawa is a small village in Samut Songkram Province and in addition to its fireflies it is popular with Thai people because of its floating market which is only open on the weekends and runs from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The local cookies are worth the trip. More...
Price for Two: 23,000 Thai Baht
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