Attraction Information

Bangkok Sea Restaurant

An hour's drive from the centre of Bangkok will take you to the Bangkok Sea where there's an excellent restaurant built on stilts in the middle of the water.

To get there, you have to transfer to a long-tail boat and travel along the canals for about 30 minutes before arriving at the restaurant.
Along the way you have a chance to observe life as it's lived beside the canals. Most people here make a living from what is available in the water and boats are a way of life for residents.

Before going to the restaurant the boat will take you out to see the marker which denotes the outer-most boundary of the city of Bangkok. A quick u-turn and the restaurant is in sight.

There's a variety of seating available including Thai-style where you can sit on cushions under a low table or European-style where you can sit at a table with chairs. Whichever one you choose you can be sure that the food will be superb.

This is a seafood restaurant and the menu is extensive. Fresh fish is always a good way to start.

Spicy prawn soup and a basket of crabs together with some fried coconut in garlic sprinkled with black pepper should be enough to sate the best of appetites.

After an extended lunch it's time to wend your way back through the canals to the pier where you car is waiting for you return to Bangkok.