Attraction Information

Koh Korya Resort

Koh Korya is a new resort built on the banks of the River Kwai Noi and is the base for our ANZAC Tours. There are a variety of rooms here, including a floating raft so you can sleep on the river if you want.
For many years, this beautiful small island has been one of the hidden treasures of Kanchanaburi. The lifestyle of the local people is very simple. Sugar cane farming and fishing are the main sources of income.

Located by a graceful hill and river, sheltered from the hot sun, it's the perfect location for a base during your time in Kanchanaburi province.

People from the world over come to experience the beautiful Kwai Noi River. In the evening, the moonlight reflects off the surface of the river setting the mood for an enchanting evening. In the morning cool breezes bring fresh air mixed with the smells of various kind of plants and flowers.

The local people have given the name to this land "Koh Korya".